How Safe is Your Hospital? Overview

“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Albert Einstein

To achieve our vision for optimal healthcare we invite you to join our efforts to improve healthcare outcomes. The effort includes, events, projects and resources that: Re-frame: Envision: Empower: Inform: Deliberate: Engage: Track: healthcare related information and challenges.

In addition to providing patient safety performance information about the hospital, the user, individuals or organizations, can "actionize" the information with our Getting to ZERO hospital associated medical conditions by 2024 treatment plan.


Our strategy is to reframe the discussions associated with our healthcare system from “what can I get”, to “what can we, as citizens, not just as consumers and patients, do to achieve a healthcare system that is affordable, and provides access to quality care for all of us?” When it comes to HAI’s, Citizens4health re-frames the challenge from HAI are an unavoidable result of sophisticated, necessary medical care in complex environment to unacceptable preventable occurrences caused by lack of following guidelines. We must all work together to eliminate preventable HAI. Working together stakeholders can bring the HAI rates to where they need to be, at zero.


By November 2022 all Philadelphia (Delaware Valley) hospitals publicly report in a user-friendly manner the patient safety outcomes for medical care at their institutions

By November 2024 there will be no serious medical errors occurring in any Philadelphia area hospitals

Hospitals, following evidence based practice, have achieved impressive results.

There's a growing portfolio of proven practices to make care safer.

Is there evidence that the goal of eliminating healthcare associated conditions is achievable?(Links to Best practice)

What is the potential impact of eliminating healthcare associated conditions on the national budget? (Links to Healthcare and the Debt)


Ataul Gawande's presentation to national governors association when noted that change has occurred when patient demand better outcomes. Why are hospital associated conditions measures important? (From Medicare compare)

Tool Box for Citizen Engagement: Get personal, Get social, Get Political


We feature relevant information and documents related hospital performance as well as stakeholders “accountable” for patient safety. We utilize data from Medicare Compare hospital reporting of patient safety performance to populate our interactive report card for Delaware Valley hospitals. Because we believe that HAI are preventable, each hospital is “graded” on a PASS / FAIL grading scale for HAI prevention and each individual infection is reported.

In addition you may find information about:

Give your hospital a checkup

What is the national status of healthcare associated conditions?(Links to Health of the Nation Snap Shot)

Who are the stakeholders for improving healthcare quality and patient safety?

What content sources do you use for healthcare associated conditions outcomes?

Legal requirement for public reporting

Content sources and description of the information VA Health System,New Jersey Hospitals, Delaware Hospitals Medicare Compare



Conversations: Making Our Healthcare System Safer

Survey: Eliminating Healthcare Associated Infections The goal of this survey is to identify the barriers to eliminating all preventable healthcare associated infections (HAI).


We are testing the following equation



Tool Box for Citizen Engagement: Get personal, Get social, Get Political

What can I do to improve the healthcare safety culture and eliminate medical errors?Getting to ZERO hospital associated medical conditions by 2017 treatment plan.

We believe that by working together, implementing a citizen oriented treatment plan we will eliminate preventable medical errors and other healthcare acquired conditions. Here are actions you can take to help all of us achieve the goal ZERO medical errors and healthcare associated conditions by November 2017.

Do your part Engage with your doctor Engage with fellow citizens Engage with the hospital Engage with stakeholders Engage with politicians Engage with the media


We utilize social media strategy that leverages Twitter, Facebook, Linkdin and our blogs to engage interested individuals and organizations in our efforts.

How safe is your hospital? will include a short narrative summarizing the findings reported in the hospital report card as well as other information about the featured hospital. The information about the hospital will be available on our website, and can be easily downloaded as a PDF document. Additionally we send out a periodic newsletter to interested individuals.

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Hospital Watch is a  Citizens4health initiative that provides a framework to invite fellow citizens to collectively participate in a process that seeks to achieve a uniquely American healthcare system that promotes healthy individuals in healthy communities and provides access to quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans. 

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