How Safe is Your Hospital? reports on how You Hospital is performing on the following patient safety and quality measures: 


◊ Hospital associated infections 

◊ Hospital preventive care 

◊ Mortality rates at 30 days 

◊ Re-admissions to the hospital within 30 days 

◊ Quality of surgical Care  

◊ Hospital associated  conditions 


In addition to providing patient safety and quality performance information about the hospital, the user, individuals or organizations, can "actionize" the information with our  Getting to ZERO hospital-associated medical conditions by 2021 treatment plan through November 2021 the focus is on Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI)

Do no harm

The tube is called a central line catheter, and doctors insert millions of them into patients each year. Because they run straight to the heart, central lines are the fastest, most effective method of delivering often life-saving medication. But if bacteria manage to get into the central line — when a nurse changes a dressing or injects a medication — it can quickly become a bloodstream infection. At best, these infections cause suffering for already-sick patients. At worst, they kill them.

How Safe is Your Hospital?


 How Safe is Your Hospital? is Citizens4health’s first public initiative. Starting September  2020 we make public the patient safety record and related quality outcomes for Delaware Valley hospitals. During the year we focus on various aspects of patient safety and quality outcomes. Preventable healthcare-associated conditions are a major killer of Americans. Our goal is to eradicate medical errors by providing actionable information and tools for digital and in-person citizen engagement with local and national healthcare stakeholders.  

  • Tens of thousands of Americans die every year from preventable healthcare-associated medical conditions

  • $30,000,000,000 is spent on treating preventable healthcare-associated medical conditions

  • In medical emergencies, we cannot choose our hospital.  

Medical errors and hospital-associated conditions are mostly preventable   We believe that all hospitals must be top hospitals in patient safety outcomes, that is any patient receiving care at the hospital will be free of preventable complications due to their hospitalization.  


Our Goal for How Safe is Your Hospital

  • To eradicate medical errors by providing actionable information and tools for digital and in-person citizen engagement with local and national healthcare stakeholders. 


Our Vision and Mission 

  • By November 2021 all Philadelphia (Delaware Valley) hospitals publicly report in a user-friendly manner the patient safety outcomes for medical care at their institutions 

  • By November 2021 there will be no serious medical errors occurring in any Philadelphia area hospitals 


Our 5 Liberty Bells report grades hospitals on their ability to attain the goal of the top hospitals in preventable complications and related quality outcomes. The hospital's overall patient safety  5 Liberty Bells grade is provided for each hospital. 

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Hospital Watch is a  Citizens4health initiative that provides a framework to invite fellow citizens to collectively participate in a process that seeks to achieve a uniquely American healthcare system that promotes healthy individuals in healthy communities and provides access to quality, affordable healthcare for all Americans. 

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